I. Artists statement

Abstraction is a way of seeing the world consolidated and concentrated with emotions and energy. Color and mood swing the eyes, meandering from each visual stimuli I create. Painting gives me a thoroughfare to give my expressions to the public and share what I know. I don't give away answers or make everything easy for the viewer. It is their responsibility to find and reflect from what I've created to see their own reality, as all things in this world are related.  This is how I speak to you.

"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."   Albert Einstein 

II. History

My education began from my mother who is a landscape painter. My first experience (and one of my earliest memories of childhood) was with a set of finger paints and three large pieces of paper on the floor. She taught me to see meaning through emotion and the environment. I found the deliberate mess I made as a child made sense upon completion so I continued to pursue my creations. I sought to understand what was in my mothers box of dirty, color encrusted tubes high on the shelf where I couldn't reach. After many years of formal training and a lot of experimenting I have found a true connection to the child I was at age 4 with finger paints. That intrigue of color, movement, risk and emotion takes hold of me now and I move with fluidity across the canvas.

III. Source

"What I didn't want" Series, 2016-7

"What I didn't want" was inspired by the political interaction with modern media and the way individuals interpret their world through technology. My roots stem from a thirst of historical knowledge and research of periods. I specifically demonstrate & expressing historically Fauvist colors, outward movement and socio-political commentary of contemporary events. My use of color patterned movement reflect the speed of technological advancement we experience in our daily lives.  

"Having to do with Motherhood" Series, 2016-Present

"Having to do with Motherhood" came to be what it is by way of a conversation Helen, my wife, and I were having about having children. We had thought about it for a while and the ideas went back and forth. Upon arrival in Caunes Minervois, France in 2016 after a six week solo journey throughout northern Europe I started this series. The solo journey was sort of a death march on my part. When I travel alone I tend to be a little manic and stop at nothing to bring the extreme into reality. I was drawing and painting small watercolors along the way which lent to a new structure reconciling the base/ground relationship in my work. Drafting always solves problems with structure in creative work.

IV. Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

A Study of Abstraction: Monoprints, Joli Bijou, San Francisco, California, 2016.

Movement and Flow of Dance II, - Photography, Painting, Dance Performance, Live Worms Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2011.

Movement and Flow of Dance I, Printmaking, Photography, Dance performance, Viracocha, San Francisco, California, 2010.

“10,000 miles to go”, Travel Photographs, Crandle Public Library, Glens Falls, New York, 2004.

Abstraction in Nature Paintings, Casey’s North Gallery, North Creek, New York, 2002 - 2003.

A Survey of Photography and Paintings, Professor Java's Cafe, Photography and paintings, Albany, New York,n2001.

A Survey of Photography and Paintings, Mother Earth's Cafe, Albany, New York, 2000.

Group Shows:

France Painters, Live Worms Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2017.

Blue Door Workshop Open Studio, Caunes Minervois, France, 2016.

France Painters, Live Worms Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2016.

Blue Door Workshop Open Studio, Caunes Minervois, France, 2015.

Annual Printmakers Spring Show, Monoprints, City College of San Francisco at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California, 2012, 2013, 2015.

I Love People: Street Photography from San Francisco, Photographs, San Francisco Studio School, San Francisco, California, 2010, 2011.

Annual Printmakers Spring Show, Linocuts, City College of San Francisco at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California, 2010.

Divisadero Show, Dance Photography Images, San Francisco, California, 2007, 2008.

Taking the Shot, Photography Show, Adirondack Community College, Queensbury, New York, 2004.

Five Minute Conceptual Video Performance, Shellburn Art Museum, Shellburn, Vermont, 1999.

Conceptual Painting and Performance, Performance/Installation Piece, University at Albany, New York. 1999.

Collaborative Works:

“This Lily Was (Fontana)” Director. (Awarded Best Female Solo Show of the Festival),  Full Length Play by Mia Paschal at Exit Theater, San Francisco, California, 2006.

Conceptual Art Sculpture, Pez. Outdoor Art Installation, University of Albany, New York, 1999.

Drafter for a Sol LeWitt Installation, Lake George Arts Project, Lake George, New York, 1996.

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