A love story so bold it became a song. The song played while the paintings were made. I saw you, I touched you, and then… our son was born. The love lives and grows everyday.

The story starts in a lush valley in a small town somewhere in the south of France. An ancient quarry used to supply the marble to build monuments in old Rome. Bright orange veins run through each wall up-and-down, to build something beautiful and amazing and timeless. Overlooking a bubbling brook sits a retired mill converted into a large studio with apartments overhead. Off in the distance is a brook bubbling telling your mind to let go and be free. The journey begins up and down that waterway funneling in small canals, under two Roman bridges. Time is different here.

nine - fourteen

You came little boy and you are magnificent! The beauty was overshadowed by many days of waiting in the hospital trying to get you to come out. The Dr.’s tried everything, nurses too! and nothing worked. Finally, you were delivered by c-section. Your Mom was hurting and drugged a little too much and the haze lasted for days.

Mark Andrew Wilson © 1997 - 2019 All rights reserved.
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